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CHES Overseas Study Centre

The Overseas Study Centre (OSC) assists students who want to study at institutions outside of Fiji.

The Centre negotiates 'Agreements' with institutions to represent them in Fiji and they send information (brochures etc) to assist the OSC in its advisory and counselling service to prospective students. CHES holds a large body of such materials which OSC makes available to students.

The Centre offers services for all levels of education from Secondary through Diploma and first Degree, to post-graduate, including Doctoral studies.

Access our large collection of information to help you choose your institution and course.

Advice and counselling:
Let our staff give you professional advice to help you make the best choice. Become acquainted with the many 'student services' provided by institutions. CHES ensures that accommodation is arranged for you.

We have aplication forms of many institutions and will help you to ensure that your applications are correctly completed. We will despatch them for you.

Some institutions allow entry at Semester One or Semester Two. Some have a Term Three entry.OSC will try to obtain entry for you at the time you choose.

Most commonly, students begin their studies in Semester One. For most programmes of study it is advisable to apply for a place mid-year of the preceding year.

Apply for your student visa through OSC and benefit from our long and successful experience.

Pre-departure orientation
OSC will provide you with information about reception services offered by your institution, its environment, how best to settle in, costs of living, suitable clothing, etc.


To book a time to meet with a member of OSC click on

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