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CHES ​Distance Education Center 

DEC assists students who wish to graduate from an overseas institution without leaving Fiji. The Centre provides information, academic and administrative advice, counselling, assistance with applications for admission, and continuing support services for enrolled students. DEC endeavours to find institutions offering any courses, academic or vocational, of potential interest to Fiji students and many hundreds of courses are available through CHES DEC.
CHES has a special agreement with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).  CHES provides ongoing administrative support  to USQ distance education students enrolled through CHES and the USQ charges a reduced tuition fee for these students.
Advice and Counseling

DEC provides information, advice, counseling and application forms to prospective applicants.
A $25.00 application processing fee is charged to cover administrative costs when DEC helps prepare and despatches an application. This fee covers photocopying of documents, certifying their authenticity, and mailing.

On-going Assistance

DEC provides both academic and administrative support when needed during a student's studies.DEC is the critical communication link between the university and the student.

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